There is a cryptocurrency scientific journal

Scientific journal «Ledger», devoted cryptocurrency starts to “live“ in 2016 Its revision includes scientists from the Universities of USA, UK and Canada, as well as the famous bitcoin-people.

Science magazine, the creation of which was announced on September 15, 2015, will be dedicated to a new, "highly interdisciplinary" field of research - the study of cryptocurrency. The magazine will publish the "original articles on research in the field of technology and cryptocurrency public registry, as well as any important intersection of these spheres of mathematics, computer science, engineering, law and economy." Articles describing the social and philosophical aspects of the digital currency Bitcoin are also welcome - if the length does not exceed four thousand words. The first issue will be held in 2016. The deadline for submitting articles is December 31, 2015.

«Ledger» will be posted by \ University of Pittsburgh, but the editorial board of the journal consists of professors from Oxford, Cornell, Stanford, MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, and other famous universities. Some names may be familiar to readers - for example, Helen Shi from Cornell University and Hooman Shadab from New York Law School. The edition also includes figures famous in the world of digital currencies - for example, Jerry Brito of Coin Center and Acne Buterin from Ethereum. Editors are is Peter P. Rizun Vancouver and Professor Christopher E. Wilmer from University of Pittsburgh. According Motherboard, the idea to create the magazine first arose in the course of discussions between Rizun and Wilmer Offline Bitcointalk.

The process of publishing the magazine is supposed to make as transparent as possible. Articles will be published after the review will have other professionals in the field of digital currency, and disclose to the public. Authors do not have to pay anything magazine. You must play its role and new technologies. Journal encourages authors to post articles under the digital signature, and the time of publication, all articles will be marked in block chain.