Bitcoin Photo Contest comes to a close

Today comes to a close Bitcoin Photo Contest, announced by the Amsterdam bit4coin exchanger to the best copyrighted image, dedicated to digital currency in general and Bitcoin in particular.

The main goal of the contest: zoom, dedicated Bitcoin and related topics. According to the organizers, "Bitcoin lacks the photos - most mainstream articles over and over again using all the same picture of physical coins." Of course, apart from this altruistic purpose, Bit4coin hopes to increase attention to their service.

Participants in the contest are the authors who have published on the contest page original photos and pictures, in every way Bitcoin play up the theme and everything connected with it. To date, the gallery of the contest published more than two hundred photos.

The competition takes place in two stages. In the first phase, which ends on 15 October, will vote everyone. Voting takes place in two forms: you can put a Like, and can be add to this amount Bitcoin. These "tip" accumulated in the account of the author and sent him at the end of the contest.

In the second stage of the competition all the images will be selected 50 works that have received the most votes by adding Likes and Bitcoin. These 50 works evaluated by a jury, each member of which has the right to vote for the five images. Results will be announced on October 21 by a vote of the jury.

All rights to the images remains with the author, bit4coin does not claim them. Exchange service promises the winners of cash prizes, but not in cash but in the form of their vouchers.