School of Engineering Holberton will issue certificates using blockchain

The programming school Holberton will certify the authenticity of their diplomas with the help of blockchain technology. Holberton made an agreement with Bitcoin startups Bitproof, dealing with the use of electronic certification of the blockchain.

This should make it easier for employers to resume the process of checking and detection the fake documents on education.

Representatives of the Holberton school say that now nobody will not be able to fake diploma, as every document is assigned a unique electronic serial number (Digital Diploma Number). Graduates will be able to indicate this number in their CV - to verify the accuracy of this information, the employer need only to drive it in any retrieval system in the block chain.

"Every electronic certificate Holberton school will have its own 256-bit secret key, and a two-step authentication process. Thus, the content of the certificate will be protected from hacking, "- said on the official website of the school.

Bitproof is startup reassuring electronic documents with the help of blockchain technology and protect them from cracking, using a hashing and asymmetric encryption. It operates under the auspices of the California incubator Boost VC, specializing in projects related to electronic currency Bitcoin.

Bitproof startup creator Lyuisonu Damontu is only 18 years old. He worked in Silicon Valley for more than a year.