Bitcoin has become the most successful currency in 2015

Despite the stormy week, during which time the Bitcoin price soared to almost $ 500 or less rapidly sank, Bitcoin has become the most successful currency in 2015 - the only significant alternative to fiat money bypassed the Indonesian rupee, Russian ruble, the Malaysian ringgit and the Brazilian real, each of which this year notably played at the US dollar exchange rate.

At the end of last week, the Indonesian rupee has increased by 9.2%, beating such important currencies like the pound sterling, the Australian and New Zealand dollars. The Russian ruble after the debacle last winter played for the year of 7.3%, while the ringgit and can boast an average real growth of 5.6%.

At the same time, the market capitalization of Bitcoins to August 2014 increased by 28.5%. The growth rate for the Bitcoin was followed by an unprecedented series of investments and increased technology blockchain adoption. During the year, large financial institutions are actively invested in the study of technology, often combining efforts in this direction. According to a study conducted by the British agency Magister Advisors, 2030 Bitcoin is able to become the sixth largest reserve currency of the world. At the same time, banks and other financial institutions in the next two years are going to invest at least another $ 1 billion in the development of Bitcoin and its core technologies.

Despite such optimism on the part of large organizations and experts, start-ups and exchanges, working with cryptocurrency, have not been able to designate a specific reason, the course has prompted the recent spike. Among the most common explanation, which agree on the exchange Coinbas, called a rapid increase in trading volume and daily transactions, a powerful American infrastructure and rise in demand for Chinese Bitcoin exchanges.

Some experts also attributed the growth to the decision of the authorities Bitcoin China and Malaysia to tighten capital controls, although major Chinese exchanges Huobi, OKCoin and BTCChina with this version do not agree, do not watch any noticeable effects.