Royal Bank of Canada is implementing blockchain

During the roundtable, which was held on Friday, President and CEO of Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) called blockchain (the distributed registry operations Bitcoin) - "quantum leap."

Conference RBC Capital Markets was held in New York. Dave MacKay spoke to RBC current experiments with technology blockchain. It made a statement that based on blockchain technology in 2016 the bank can be launched loyalty program for customers.

In his speech, McKay indicated that he believes the bank's experiments with blockchain should be "cautious". In this he repeats the statement authorized by the Securities and Exchange Commission earlier this week.

"This is a completely new technology, and that we really know about her? Is it safe? We're going to find out more. Given what is at stake, we can not start at random and fix along the way.

We need to just get everything working. "

According to the American Bankers, McKay is going to introduce a new technology with minimal risk to their customers, and it seems that the most suitable loyalty program RBC.

He concluded:

"This is a good step. Account Loyalty is a good, safe way to get started. "

McKay less interested in using bitcoin as a digital currency - he does not believe that this application solves the problems of consumers.

RBC was one of the 13 largest banks, which announced a partnership with R3CEV crypto startup in September this year, is now in the list of participants for 25 listed banks. McKay emphasized that concerted action will probably be the best way for the technology to reach a mass market.

RBC is the largest bank in Canada in terms of assets and market capitalization. It employs 78,000 staff, and as of the end of 2014 the bank's assets amounted to $ 343 billion.