The new currency Bitwalking can be made by walking

The world has a new cryptocurrency like Bitcoin - Dollar Bitwalking, which can be made by walking. Currency is generated using a smartphone, which counts the steps the user. Under the plan, the person will receive one cryptodollar for every 10,000 steps - that is, about eight kilometers passed.

Earned money scheme participants will be able to spend in shops or exchanged for cash. Authors of the initiative Nissan Bahar and Frankie Imbessi have already attracted more than 10 million US dollars as an initial fund for the implementation of his ideas.

This is mainly a donation of Japanese investors who agreed to help establish a new currency and a virtual bank that would verify the number of steps taken and carry out the necessary transactions. The Japanese company Murata have been already working on a bracelet that would show the owner how many steps he did and how many cryptodollars have.

A cup of coffee or salary?

The idea of cryptocurrency Bitwalking (BW $) based on the popularity of fitness trackers and should encourage people to become active lifestyle.

Project organizers plan to involve him company producing sportswear, health services, organizations for the protection of the environment, and potentially - advertisers access to audiences.

In the future, the project can also involve employers who care about the health of employees. They could add cryptocurrency earned workers to the usual salary.

In developed countries, the average members of the project are able to make about 15 cryptodollars per month.