Obama's former assistant plunged into the Bitcoin world

Jamie Elizabeth Smith, formerly worked with Barack Obama, was appointed Head of Liaison BitFury.

To start work at BitFury, Smith left a "fantastic job" in Edelman, ¬ęthe greatest and largest public relations firm in the world." Why?

"I believe in the chain bloc and transformative power of this technology," - says Smith. This innovation, she said, "can make a difference - and change."

The germ of a better world, in her view, has been already existed. Thanks block chain people can 'to send money as easily as we send emails, "the websites of e-commerce is not cracked (it cites the example of BitFury), criminal transaction" recorded forever ", there is no need to pay excessive money to banks and companies that issue credit cards and property rights in third world countries will soon become reliable. "And this is just the beginning," because the blochain today - that's what the Internet was in 1994.

Interestingly, in his post Head of Public Relations company, the main activity of which is bitcoin mining, says the word "bitcoin" only once, giving a definition of the block chain - "constant public registry, which records every bitcoin transaction. She believes that the chain bloc is a revolutionary innovation that will open countless doors to people all over the world. " It lists the different ways to use digital currency, but carefully avoided calling it by name.

In the past, Smith has been deputy press secretary of the White House and a special assistant to President Obama. In addition, she worked at various positions, doing public relations and external communications for the Senate committee, and several major figures of the US Democratic Party.

The bitcoin community news was greeted ambiguously. While most rejoiced the decision of Smith and her words, some forum users Reddit were surprised that BitFury, the company, "which is so little contact with the outside world" needs Relations Manager. Others expressed their dissatisfaction that comes from government circles will play such an important role in the ecosystem of Bitcoin. According to commentator Tom Mornini:

"This is the worst news in the world. Bitcoin was created to avoid government intervention, and for this purpose he used. The last thing needed bitcoin is parasites that feed at our expense throughout our lives, to join us in order to "help" us. "