Bitcoin kernel code developer does not believe that Craig Wright is the inventor of Bitcoin

Australian businessman Craig Wright cannot be Satoshi Nakamoto the inventor of Bitcoin. This was stated by one of the developers of Bitcoin code Greg Maxwell.

Maxwell had a thorough check of information allows us to identify with Satoshi Wright. According to the developer, some of them do not stand up to scrutiny.

"Digital signature, which he uses on the submitted documents, clearly refers to the time after the creation of Bitcoin, as this format is used only in the most modern programs," - said the developer in the discussion forum on Reddit.

Forum users generally supported the position of Maxwell on the issue.

In early December, several major media have reported that they have discovered the creator of Bitcoin. According to employees of publication Wired, behind the mask of Satoshi Nakamoto may be hiding an entrepreneur from Australia Craig Wright. Journalists reported this, referring to the information in blogs and leak data about financial condition Wright. He allegedly was the owner of a large number of bitcoins, and even tried to create bitcoin bank.

As one of the evidence that Wright is Nakamoto, journalists presented the digital signature of the entrepreneur, created using bitcoin technology shortly after the creation of digital currency. Now, however, Maxwell argues that the signature is false, and therefore identification with Wright Nakamoto is problematic.

Hearing about the discovery of the inventor Bitcoin caused new interest in digital media currency. The media boom has led to a rise in price of bitcoin to a record $ 450.