Israeli startup Colu launched two new services

"Control Panel" will facilitate the management of digital assets, and SDK-browser will help novice developers.

Two new Colu services - blockchain startups from Israel - are designed to make life easier for users and developers that use the capabilities of the technology block chain.

"Control Panel» Colu serves as the main center for tracking and managing digital assets. According to the description, "the control panel» Colu allows the user to track the status of their assets, monitor the implementation of the transaction, create and send assets, as well as personalize their own mobile applications in accordance with the objectives of the brand.

"We are confident that the Control Panel Colu makes asset management simpler, easier and more fun," - in the company’s blog.

Program browser to the software package for developers (SDK), allows novice programmers blockchain analyze the code and the corresponding results. With the SDK-browser, Colu trying to simplify workflow developers who use the service to create their own "color chips."

"During team work, we found that working with a technology block chain is not so easy for beginners. That is why we decided to create a platform that will facilitate the developers to issue asset-based blockchain "- said in a company blog.