Xapo accused of "apostasy" for the transition to Bitcoin Classic

Ventses Casares, CEO Xapo Bitcoin platform, announced its intention to move to the Bitcoin Classic, despite the agreement on SegWit, and received in response to a severe reaction community. February 21 "Round Table", attended by representatives of the companies that provide about 80% mining capacities, agreed on further steps to increase the size of the block. Prior to this, participants of the "round table" called community to refrain from going on Bitcoin Classic, to wait SegWit exit.

«Xapo plans to go to the Classic. We are committed to increasing the size of the block and support the initiatives that can contribute to this ", - was written in Twitter account.

Statement Casares entailed a wave of criticism. First of all, users were dissatisfied with the fact that the company has adopted a critical decision in no way trying to influence the outcome of the debate about the size of the block. In addition, many considered an unfriendly gesture towards the miners, and expressed surprise at the very fact of such a statement from a company that does not have its own mining capacity.

Reactions ranged from cautious "Daylight Classic in a situation where it is not supported Miner - no more than an empty gesture" and "It's sad that Xapo joined the organized Coinbase and Circle the camp opposed to Bitcoin" to laconic «lol what?».

However, except for a set dissatisfied, there were also those who expressed support for Cazares. For example, some proponents of Bitcoin Classic doubted that those who make decisions today under the name of "Round Table" in 2017 will remain at the "helm" Bitcoin.